Are you a new or experienced agent who just doesn’t see the value in a brokerage taking a huge chunk of your hard earned commission in exchange for nothing? Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is my brokerage giving me good leads?
  2. How often do I go to my brokerage office to work or am I working from home?
  3. I’m I getting valuable training or is it the typical real estate guru BS?
  4. Is my broker genuinely vested and interested in helping me succeed?
  5. Do I have to pay desk fees, royalty fees, and a bunch of other fees that  I think are just a rip-off?

Those are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself and determine if the 30%, 40% or more you are being charged is worth it.

Don’t be fooled into thinking your brokerage name is the one that generates your leads and ultimately your clients. Think about the prospects and clients you have recently gotten, who generated that business? You or your brokerage? Was it worth paying them all that money for the business you generated single-handily?

If you believe it was worth the fee you paid then read no further. However, if you think getting raked over the coals with fees, and getting nothing valuable in return is not worth it, I encourage you to continue reading.

Purpose Driven Real Estate

Welcome, my name is Ray Roman, Broker-Owner of Roman Realty. Roman Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage offering residential, commercial, and investment real estate services throughout the Greater OKC area. What sets us apart from other brokerages is our fundamental belief in giving back to the communities we serve in a manner that goes beyond a simple donation. In addition, we are genuinely interested and vested in your success.

We Are Not For Every Agent

We are not a good fit for every agent out there. We are not an agent mill who is willing to take on any agent, charge them a monthly fee, throw a few resources at them, and then forget about them. That is not the way to run a company and is surely not the way to treat a person.

If you:

  • Enjoy paying your brokerage a big chunk of your commission then we are not a good fit.
  • Think your brokerage is generating your business then we are not a good fit.
  • Enjoy door-knocking and cold calling then we are not a good fit. (We don’t do it or encourage it.)
  • Need an office to go to everyday, sorry! we are not a good fit.
  • Don’t mind that your broker is never available then we are not a good fit.
  • Want to be just another agent without a real purpose, and a commitment to leaving a legacy then we are not a good fit.

Who Do We Want

In order to understand who we want to join our family, you first need to understand who we are as a brokerage. As a brokerage we are:

  • Committed to the highest level of customer service and integrity to all our clients.
  • Committed to serving and giving back to the communities we serve and live in.
  • Committed to helping our agents succeed by providing guidance, support, and resources.

We Want A Family NOT An Agent Mill

Our goal is to help our agents succeed. In order to provide the guidance and support needed to achieve that goal, we have decided to accept only a limited number of agents into our firm. Earlier I said we are not an agent mill and we mean it.

Each candidate will go through an extensive interview process to ensure we all share the same values and commitment. We encourage you to take the time to interview us as we interview you. No only do we need to know you’re a good fit for us, but you need to know we are a good fit for you.

We want to be as transparent as possible, so rather than you filling out a form to get the information, we put it here for everyone to see.

Our Fees

  • 90/10 commission split
  • Commission cap of 10K per the calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31)
  • After commission cap is reached you only pay $399 per transaction. No commission.
  • $25 Errors and Omissions per transaction
  • $25 per month technology fee to host your website and access to our Transaction and Workflow Management intranet


  • Virtual office – there is no office so there is no need to come to an office. We do just about everything online (video conferencing, video training, conference call etc.)
  • A responsive mobile ready website with your own domain at no cost to you (optional IDX feed will cost extra)
  • Coaching and training to help you reach your yearly income goals
  • Access to our Transaction and Workflow Management intranet (coming soon)
  • Broker accessibility 24-7
  • Yard signs (you provide riders)

If you would like to meet to see if we are a good fit please complete the form below to schedule an appointment.